ilustracja dekoracyjna
ilustracja dekoracyjna
Dawny Warsaw armory. Exterio View.
J. Piwarski. Color Lith. 1829.
ilustracja dekoracyjna Wygląd Arsenału w 2 poł. lat trzydziestych XX w. (arch.)

History of Archaeological Research

The history of archaeological research conducted by PMA In 1928 started recording of the archaeological discoveries and excavations, both rescue and surface excavations. Since that time, the employees of PMA examined more than 400 archaeological sites in Poland, and also took part in the exploration works in Iraq, Peru, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Verification surface researches, inventory of caves and rock shelters [1946.] and rescue researches were conducted, also were secured finds of coins, burial mounds and stone circles, stone stelae and other valuable archaeological objects. PMA participated in the Millennium research program, developed by the Management of Researches on the Beginnings of the Polish State, cooperated with the Commission for Research of the Old Warsaw and joined the research program of the Archaeological Photos of Poland. As a part of the documentation of the archaeological objects in the field sessions of aerial photography were made in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defense. In the new chapter of the history of the PMA initiated by the reform of administration of 1.01.1999 all the statutory lines of research are continued. The most important are: the studies of the culture of the Baltic tribes carried out in broad international cooperation, field researches on the archaeological sites, dating from the late Paleolithic to the early Middle Ages, conducted in the central and northeastern Poland, studies of the collections and resulting systematic publication of the sources and studies of the history of archeology and PMA.