ilustracja dekoracyjna
ilustracja dekoracyjna


The Beginning 1928 - 1939
As custodian of Poland's archaeological heritage the new Museum takes over collections from various institutions (Conservators of Prehistoric Monuments, Museum-in-exile in Rappersville, Switzerland, Industry and Agriculture Museum, Polish Tourist Society, Society for Heritage Protection) as well as some private collections.

Wartime 1939 - 1944
Under nazi occupation more valuable items, books, archival records and furniture are seized from the Museum. The surviving collections are placed in hiding in the building of the National Museum in Warsaw and united with the holdings of other Polish institutions (Archaeology Department of Warsaw University, E. Majewski Museum, Anthropology Institute of Warsaw Scientific Society).

From 1945 Until The Present
The Museums salvages the surviving collections and reclaims its furniture, books and a part of the collections seized by the nazis (eg hoard from Boroczyce, finds from the 'royal grave' from Łęg Piekarski). At present the Museum holds archaeological objects and archival documentation which originate from over 10 000 locations, mostly from the present-day territory of Poland but also from areas which used to be a part of Poland.