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"Project Łęgonice Małe, site II. A cemetery of the Przeworsk Culture on the Lower Pilica River - a monograph"

In 2018, the State Archaeological Museum is carrying out a project including the preparation, editorial work as well as the publication of a monograph of the cemetery of the Przeworsk Culture from the 1st cent. BC - 1st half of the 2nd cent. AD from Łęgonice Małe, Przysucha County in Mazovian Province. The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the Cultural Heritage program, priority Protection of archaeological monuments, run by the National Heritage Institute (contract No. 3558/18/FPK/NID), and funds from the State Archaeological Museum come from subsidies from the Voivodship Self-government budget Mazowiecki (contract No. 605/UMWM/06/KP-DU-III/3252.43). The project is carried out in cooperation with the Monumenta Archaeologica Barbarica Foundation.
The monograph will be the result of studies on the materials excavated in 1965 and 1967, which are kept in the collection of the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw. The main part of the monograph is written by Maria Kordowska and Katarzyna Kowalska, graduates of the Institute of Archeology, University of Warsaw, who for years cooperated with the Department of the Iron Age of the Museum. The catalog of archaeological materials and their cultural and chronological analysis will be supplemented with results of anthropological, archeozoological, anthracological, and petrographic examinations, and a study of a few pottery finds from the Bronze and or the Early Iron Age.
The study will be published in Polish version as a volume VII of Monumenta Archaeologica Barbarica. Series Gemina, and in the English version as a volume XX of Monumenta Archaeologica Barbarica main series (digital edition). The editor of the volume will be Jacek Andrzejowski PhD.

Project manager: Jacek Andrzejowski PhD

Inwestycje w kulturę i rozrywkę

The result of this project is a monograph by Maria Kordowska and Katarzyna Kowalska Łęgonice Małe, stan. II. Cmentarzysko kultury przeworskiej nad dolną Pilicą / Łęgonice Małe, Site II. A Cemetery of the Przeworsk Culture on the Lower Pilica River (ed. Jacek Andrzejowski). The Polish version appeared in December 2018 as volume VII of Monumenta Archaeologica Barbarica. Gemina Series, while the English version as volume XX Monumenta Archaeologica Barbarica (digital edition on CD, attached to the Polish version).