The Library

The Library of the National Archaeological Museum (PMA) started from the collection of the National Group of Conservators of the Prehistoric Monument (PGKZP). When in 1928, PGKZP ceased to exist and the PMA was founded, all the books became the property of the PMA. They continued even keeping the same book inventory. The library suffered large, although difficult to quantify losses (most of the inventories disappeared) during World War II. Fortunately, part of the collection was recovered by revendications. At the moment the library has 74 391 volumes. The collection includes scientific works on archeology, anthropology, numismatics, history, history of culture and arts from the prehistory to the Middle Ages. There are collected also the publications on museum studies and museums, conservation and maintenance, as well as encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases. Particularly rich and valuable is the collection of books on the prehistoric archeology and archeology of early medieval Poland and Central Europe, which consists of, inter alia, publications from the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Library of PMA has a unique on a national scale collection of books on the archeology of pre-Columbian America - primarily from the territory of Mexico and of archaeological and historical publications on the Mediterranean. There is conducted national and international exchange of publications, with most of the European countries and with the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Korea and others. Currently a program is implemented of computerization of library directories .