The Numismatic Department

The collections of the Numismatic Department consist of about 19,000 relics, including approximately 1,800 ornaments accompanying early medieval treasures, 425 contemporary medals on numismatic and museum subjects as well as about 480 copies of coins. The artefacts come from the archaeological excavations - mostly from "treasures" and single finds of the coins. Archaeological sites where the artefacts which are collected in the Numismatic Department were found, are located across the whole Poland and in the territory of western Belarus and Ukraine, from the archaeological research conducted there during the interwar period. The coins are dated to the following periods: a) the antique period - approx. 3.660 pcs., almost exclusively Roman denarii, mainly from 4 major 'treasures', inter alia from Boroczyce and Nietulisko Małe; b) X and XI century - approx. 8,000 silver European denarii and Arab dirhams mainly from "treasures", including treasures from Zalesie, Brzozowo Nowe, Dzierzążnia, Obra, Stryjewo and Trójca; c) the modern period - more than 5,000 silver and copper coins from 12 "treasures" and approx. 100 minor finds.